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Here is the current backlog of plugins that are slated to be worked:

  • Branching Patterns Policy
  • Branch permission inherit only perms
  • Branch Archival
  • Pending merge notifier
  • Time that task  
  • Service Account Policy Override

Did anyone try ForbiddenPatternPolicy?

first post: cn101028 wrote: As shown in the video, it seems to work. However, when I try to dow...

Gated Check-in Build Errors

first post: vet26 wrote: After implementing the CodePlex.TfsPluginSuite.Policies.ForbiddenPa...


first post: FORTHOFFER wrote: What is the procedure to install this plugin ?

latest post: thisisntjared wrote: Installation is very easy. Place .dll and .config in %program file...

Code review request requirement

first post: carael wrote: Hi, first of all thanks for sharing the plugin - was exactly what...

latest post: thisisntjared wrote: The only fault I could find is the following: ``` checkIterationDat...

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